I Gave My 40,000,000th Subscriber 40 Cars
I was able to afford this because you guys bought the 40 mil merch! Thank you so much!!!
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We also tested everyone who came to his house to get a car. Don’t worry, we are being save!
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  • MrBeast

    I was able to afford this because you guys bought the 40 mil merch! Thank you so much!!!

    • Daisy Quintos
      Daisy Quintos

      ok how?

    • Павел Кашин
      Павел Кашин

      MrBeast, could you buy me a gaming pc, please?

    • Evie Grahams
      Evie Grahams

      I love you all the things you done so thanks so much

    • Rea Allysa Vijar
      Rea Allysa Vijar

      Sana all.

    • RT BG
      RT BG

      I need a car 😩😩😩😩😩

  • 1v1.lolAyson

    Me seeing the sponge bob car: THAT ONES MINE.

  • Khadija Kallol
    Khadija Kallol

    Did U make sure every legal documents and papers before giving the cars

  • Sheng Caraballa
    Sheng Caraballa

    mr beast can ihave car

  • mga kagunting channel
    mga kagunting channel

    Oh my god! From pilipinos how I wish I have one of you're gifts

  • Lillian Shields
    Lillian Shields

    I'm a kid

  • Snowbrenmic Dela Cruz
    Snowbrenmic Dela Cruz


  • Merce Tech
    Merce Tech

    Waiting for 60m!!

  • Snowbrenmic Dela Cruz
    Snowbrenmic Dela Cruz

    557 j Luna street

  • Hilma Perez
    Hilma Perez

    Karl is there something wrong that guy got the car? lol

  • Bhavesh Gupta
    Bhavesh Gupta

    I want it, come India

  • Lyheng DIY
    Lyheng DIY

    so good

  • Rhianon Oninngnak
    Rhianon Oninngnak

    You Guys are just Awesome!! 😊

  • sam-the-man

    if i see that car i'm going to say HOW DID YOU GIVE AWAY 40 CARS when i can't even give away a paper

  • sam-the-man

    nah i'm 13 and i will always see all the vid

  • Joy-Deen Walters
    Joy-Deen Walters

    You don't have any more

  • Joy-Deen Walters
    Joy-Deen Walters

    I'm so sad

  • Joy-Deen Walters
    Joy-Deen Walters

    I'm a subscriber but I am in Jamaica

  • Manchester United Fan
    Manchester United Fan

    Cheap next time do 40,00000 cars

  • Luke Wentz
    Luke Wentz

    I am the newst subscriber

  • morina flori
    morina flori

    sub to mr beast or get baned

  • sterling smith
    sterling smith

    20 mill in 6 months, never done before

  • Kris Kristofferson Nabua
    Kris Kristofferson Nabua

    Hope I can win a macbook pro laptop🥲

  • Braderz853

    I'd do anything to get a car for my mum , even just a miny cooper , or 100$ !

  • Fat Balliao15
    Fat Balliao15

    I just subscribe. Am I late? 🤣

  • Suraj Gautam
    Suraj Gautam

    If he had done this in India he would have experienced a large variety of reactions

  • evieag

    Six months later and already close to 60 million

  • Viggo Stanton
    Viggo Stanton

    6 months later 60 million

  • Froop Loop
    Froop Loop

    fr tho i want that soingebob drip car

  • Logan Patenaude
    Logan Patenaude

    Your the beast the king of money

  • عبدالاله فرج
    عبدالاله فرج

    And I can talk english

  • cian cedric chinchuntic
    cian cedric chinchuntic

    luke is too calm


    That subscriber is luckyyyyyy

  • ItsVision

    0:15 Anthony paddila from smash is on the list

  • Asef Zaman
    Asef Zaman

    I need some mr beast give me something plz

  • Pastor Leid
    Pastor Leid

    Somebody put me on!! Lol

  • Isak Malsawmtluanga
    Isak Malsawmtluanga


  • Viggo Ketelaar
    Viggo Ketelaar

    You got Sally from cars

  • malaka manoj
    malaka manoj

    MrBeast, please help RE:ANIME. 🙏🙏

  • Bhukya Anand
    Bhukya Anand

    Ur the best best youtuber

  • Ashutosh Dhopate
    Ashutosh Dhopate

    you wont afford 40 cars

  • Caleb Treweek
    Caleb Treweek

    Imaging one car was the Dababy convertible

  • Xydriel Angelo Vingno
    Xydriel Angelo Vingno

    omg ur so kind mr beast i wish i have one for my dad im in philipines

  • spooda man
    spooda man

    yo can please get one of your shirts for free pleeeaeaeaeaeaeaeeaese


    No paper work needed ?

    • Tyler Wasabi
      Tyler Wasabi

      I’m sure they do that off camera. Always paperwork needed

  • KayLyla Stanley
    KayLyla Stanley


  • stefan simonyi
    stefan simonyi

    Ok but does anyone rly want the anime cars

    • Tyler Wasabi
      Tyler Wasabi

      Yes lol

  • huma rehan
    huma rehan

    I am Pakistani mr beauty and beast

  • Night Kindom Day
    Night Kindom Day

    Imagine the 40th Subscriber is a kid

  • Jayanta Goswami
    Jayanta Goswami

    60 M on the way!!!!!!!

  • KaliBudP

    Lol all the ones they chose were in the front

  • casTi motovlog
    casTi motovlog

    Wow amazing 🙏🙏🙏

  • Pitz Parker
    Pitz Parker

    WOW Give it to me its impossible hahahaha from PH 😂

  • Dhina Marlupi
    Dhina Marlupi

    i want car

  • Rañada Bryan
    Rañada Bryan

    Dang! I wish a car! Love from Philippines 😇

  • Kaycee Scott
    Kaycee Scott

    6:00 😂😂😂

  • Mean Meng
    Mean Meng

    Luke do be lookin funny

  • Abdul Belh
    Abdul Belh

    I promise I’d make these disappear within 20mins

  • mauree butler
    mauree butler


  • Raw Surf POV
    Raw Surf POV

    hi .

    • Rising Phoenix Stopmotion and gaming
      Rising Phoenix Stopmotion and gaming

      Hi .

    • I like mkwii
      I like mkwii


  • L J
    L J

    When I was 3 I was always obsessed with car transporters so if I saw that when I was 3 I would’ve lost it

  • LTTomhellhound

    Dude I would love that jurassic park jeep ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Patrick Welder
    Patrick Welder

    “I don’t know what room I’m in” you’re in the laundry room. There is a washer and a dryer

  • cyinena dad
    cyinena dad

    Mark still trying to get that Mr. BEAST CLOUT

  • Utkarsh Sanehi
    Utkarsh Sanehi

    Give me gaming accessories.

  • Swrnz56

    WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD?!?!? You work at chick fl lay??!?!?!?!

  • Thotmareo Awungshi
    Thotmareo Awungshi

    What about me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Birdii

    bro I wanted that anime car sooo badly lol

  • Chief Football
    Chief Football

    Wait, does this mean it's manual? 🤣

  • Moeez Vlogz_YT
    Moeez Vlogz_YT

    I knew Mr Beast was insanely generous..... but this??? 👌

  • Hun Lar
    Hun Lar

    You spent 1,497,000 to 1,500,000

  • Mert


  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson

    This dude bought cars to give a way just to give the guy a tesla

  • Oliroly

    some say karl´s still waiting for a new car


    i didnt get one

  • Carson Morris
    Carson Morris

    My name is Carson

    • I like mkwii
      I like mkwii


  • Cooky the bunny
    Cooky the bunny

    Now.. Luke is known as: the person who gave away 40 cars to his friends MrBeast is known as: The most swag person ever Karl is known as: The guy who got his car destroyed, got a new car, sold that new car to get a different car, and got his new car given away. *WHEEZE*


    Love your video's, am from Nigeria

  • Ownfiir3 Larhkaw
    Ownfiir3 Larhkaw

    I want that Honda Civic please :(

  • Harin Rajeev
    Harin Rajeev

    "Who woulda thought if you put gas it works!" Me: bruh its common sense

  • mattyy101

    Imagine being that 40mil sub but you're from the uk so he picks the next american one

    • SuperPlushyBros

      that’s tuff...


    1st subscriber:cri*

    • SuperPlushyBros

      That first subscriber was Chris. That’s why he got invited into the crew.

  • Griff &Ty The Great
    Griff &Ty The Great

    Are you playing with my brother on the plus side but he won’t let me play with him

  • clxssicdaniツ

    i feel bad to the person that was the 3.99999M sub😭😂

  • Justin Alvarez
    Justin Alvarez


  • Thông Đào
    Thông Đào

    Will you give 60mil th sub-er 60 cars?

  • TJ n Renz
    TJ n Renz


  • Hermann Göring
    Hermann Göring

    Papież kiedy umarł miał 85 lat - 8+5=13. Godzina śmierci: 21:37 - 2+1+3+7=13. Data śmierci: 02.04.2005 - 0+2+0+4+2+0+0+5=13. Postrzelony 13 Maja. 9301 dni pontyfikatu - 9+3+0+1=13. Zmarł w 13 tygodniu roku. JAN PAWEŁ DRUGI - 13 liter. czy to zbieg okoliczności? prześlij to dalej niech inni myślą... Sorry, ale musi się spełnić..... Pomyśl sobie życzenie a zobaczysz co sie stanie... Zacznij myśleć o czymś czego naprawdę pragniesz To funkcjonuje.... , osoba która mi wysłała tą wiadomość powiedziała że jej życzenie spełniło sie po 13 dniach po odczytaniu tej wiadomości Wypowiedz życzenie jak skończy sie odliczanie: 10... 09... 08... 07... 06... 05.... 04.... 03... 02... 01... Wypowiedz życzenie Wklej te wiadomość w ciągu 26 minut do 13 komentarzy Jeśli tego nie zrobisz stanie się przeciwność twojego życzenia

  • bhavesh choudhary
    bhavesh choudhary

    I wnat meet you man.

  • Ghostify001



    bros iam from india

    • SuperPlushyBros



    Mr.beast bros please can u get me an a gaming pc

    • SuperPlushyBros

      He won’t.

  • Sherise Ware
    Sherise Ware

    Britt Reid

  • Clare Littlejohn
    Clare Littlejohn

    Halve the cars are nissans

  • Gianne Marie Isabel Abay
    Gianne Marie Isabel Abay

    sorry mr beast im from philipins

  • Kk mawz
    Kk mawz

    From India meghalaya

  • Kk mawz
    Kk mawz

    We don't even have money to buy food but u guys are great

  • rosie

    What if the subscriber is from any other country???

  • Mervete Istogu
    Mervete Istogu

    Ima a fan

  • Charlito Gaming
    Charlito Gaming

    Can I have that one car too? 🙏🙏

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